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Refugee camp_ing: background story


Luxembourg is one of the wealthiest places in the world. But, just like in every other place some people are bound to a much less rich lifestyle.


One of the last places to offer shelter to those forgotten souls was the Steinfort Camping site. located right at the outskirts of the capital, well hidden behind a large hedge front along the main street.

most of the neighborhood ignored who was living in barracks and old camping cars so close.


2014 the area was sold, sealing the faith of the shelters in which the most modest people found a living place for over two decades.


They were told to leave within a couple of weeks. but before leaving their living place, they were bound to dismantle their shelters themselves!


I followed this period with my camera trying to capture the character of the place and personality of the residents.


note: These photos were never on display in Luxembourg, no one was yet interested in seeing the backside of the medal of Luxembourg.

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